Testimonials from yellowpages.com

“I called the company for a second opinion since the first company said our compressor was out.. low and behold lucky me it was just a part called a capecitor and some loose wires. the other company wanted to charge us over $5300!!! We live in a nice place in Rice Village and this happens a lot. People think we have a lot of disposable money so they overcharge or bend the truth about what’s really wrong with our home. My husband and I plan on having our heating units serviced by the fixmyac company before the winter season.”

- lucyoneal

“Had a good experience with this company I saw their truck parked outside my neighbors house and i decided to call their number to get an est on my coils and found they were way more affordable than the bigger companies. Now I have a 15 seer unit and a trane whole house air cleaner.”

- arnoldgraves

“I dialed the 713 fixmyac on thursday eve and Friday morning my new a/c was being installed I was annoyed that they didnt finish the same day but who can blame them it was 130+ degrees in the attic! Over all they were the best deal in town! I went for the trane 15seer because I plan to sell my home next year.”

- angiedelgado

“These are the guy’s I’m going to stick with. I always forget who checks our systems out every year but no has shown more respect to our home in years. Spencer was very clean and extremely polite.”

– KateNover

“OUTSTANDING SERVICE! Never have I ever had a good air conditioning company experience until I dialed 713 FIXMYAC. My compressor is back to life and my home is cool again. It feels great to feel the cold air come out of my bedroom air vents agian. I give this company 5 stars for there long hour they put into my system to make it come back to life and the great service from all the employs.”

- ryanhall62